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Hello to you, the one who comes to us during the month of February! Did you know that you are right in the month of romance? I'm happy to tell you I have some suggestions of restaurants for you if you want to take your sweet half to eat during your stay with us. Do not worry, I thought about your tastes and your budgets!

You want an inexpensive evening but an atmosphere that is worth it? I have five ideas for you!

Three Brewers

At the Three Brewers, it's a simple but very enticing menu, directly in front of the hotel! Between gourmet burgers and flammekueche , special poutines and meat platters, all accompanied by a freshly brewed beer so freshly tasty, you will find exactly what you need! It's a varied menu for less, good beer or good cocktails, as well as very friendly waiters waiting for you.

Jack Saloon

At Jack Saloon, it's the perfect place if you want warmth and good meat! Not far from the hotel, you will find a warm and festive atmosphere, which wants to emulate the saloons of the south of the United States, and a feast very very enticing. This is the perfect time to dive with your sweet half in a place with a different look and taste than ours! In addition, the staff is very welcoming.

The workshop

The workshop is the bistro par excellence that wants to offer its customers and their taste buds a refreshing and succulent experience, both in terms of hunger and thirst! In other words, it's the perfect place if you want to eat AND drink freshness and diversity. Their cocktail menu will impress you, guaranteed. And what about their menu ... between diversity of tartares and poke bowls, plates of the land and the sea and more conventional meals but oh so tasty, you will not know where to put your head, I tell you ! In addition, the atmosphere and the staff are impeccable, and you can stay there all night to continue watching.


Close to the hotel, you will find the Cosmos, a colorful restaurant not only in decor, but also in atmosphere and flavors! A varied menu choice as well as price, which is for all tastes, guaranteed! Between burgers, pasta, pizza, salads and grills, you will not know what to choose; everything looks salivating! This is the place to eat if you want to eat without making a hole in your wallet and you can even spend a good part of the evening, because there is music all night! And the frankly exhilarating decor will plunge you into a lighthearted atmosphere! At Cosmos, no need for candles and flowers for a successful date.

The old house of spaghetti

Italian food lovers? Two seconds from the hotel, you will find The Old House of Spaghetti, the perfect place to enjoy tomato flavors at low prices! In an old-fashioned building with historical charm, sit down to enjoy a good Italian meal in one-on-one. In a soft and soothing atmosphere, quietly drink a good bottle of wine with your sweet half. Then finish the evening with a beautiful winter walk on the Grande-Allée! A date with traditional romantic flavors, it's never out of fashion!

Do you want to spoil the max, your sweet half and you, in this month of romance and especially, this stay in Quebec? Here are some options that can meet your desires!

Le Ciel!

Le Ciel!, the restaurant at the top of our hotel next door, but above all, the choice if you want to offer a unique experience in flavors but also in concept! Just a stone's throw from the hotel, go sit in the sky, where you will enjoy a meal high in originality and where you will have the opportunity to go around Quebec, your chair! Yes, yes, the tour of Quebec! Because in Heaven, it is not that the menu that stunned us is the restaurant itself. Discover Heaven! from Québec, the revolving restaurant that will make your evening the most successful date you have organized.


The graffiti, just 10 minutes walk from our hotel, is the ideal restaurant if you want a varied menu high in quality! French, Italian and Mediterranean options are waiting for you! Between land and sea, pasta, tartare and salads, you will salivate all evening is guaranteed! Rendezvous in a trendy and distinguished setting to enjoy a completely authentic and tasty meal. In a passionate and exciting atmosphere, you will not find better to spend a moment alone with your sweet half! At the same time, you will discover Cartier Street, the most illuminated street in Quebec City and, by the same token, the most romantic! This choice guarantees you a most successful date, it's promised!

La Scala

You want to offer an evening high in elegance, flavor, romance and, by the same token, satisfaction? A ten minute walk from the hotel, the Italian restaurant La Scala is the perfect and indisputable option you must choose! In a distinguished and warm decor, let yourself be served by an impeccable and professional staff. Discover an Italian menu rich in flavors, quality and originality, then live a perfectly romantic moment thanks to the musicians who will be on site to complement, with the greatest musical classics, the warm atmosphere of a touch of piano. At La Scala, it's a perfectly romantic date waiting for you!


Our neighbor across the street has everything you need for a most romantic time! In a modern and elegant decor, with a historic cachet at the same time, discover a completely decadent menu that will make you experience a remarkable culinary experience. Lovers of seafood or meat, discover in a warm and romantic atmosphere, particularly memorable flavors at Ophélia and live a unique experience in Quebec! Professional service and rich quality await you to make your date the most successful ever!

Louis Hébert

In front of our hotel, go on an adventure with our neighbor Louis Hébert. This great restaurant, renowned for its quality, will transport you to a French culinary universe totally impressive. In a setting of historic charm, immerse yourself in the most romantic atmosphere in Quebec and let yourself be served by professional customer service! Discover the finest French cuisine and a quality wine cellar, and let your taste buds discover flavors they will never forget. In its private dining room or its large glass roof that leaves you speechless in front of the Grande-Allée, live the most romantic and tasty date!



Alexandra was born and raised in Quebec City. In love with the Capitale-Nationale, she hopes to encourage all those who are visiting to discover the best spots. Although Alexandra lives in Quebec City, she is always ready to experience the attractions, culture and special events of the region. In short, she loves to be a tourist in her own city!